Direct access to health and beauty-conscious customers

Sampling is a direct marketing, store front promotion that leverages retail space
and staff to connect customers with product in a highly tactile, resonant way

Our reliable staff introduce your products and services in the space where customers’ health and beauty consciousness has been heightened.
Many companies have found this advertising method to be superior to conventional advertising as customers receive a highly tactile, resonant "live" experience that includes direct feedback on product.

Reasons for choosing MEDIROM's sampling:

Prominent brand with over 20 years of history and track record in delivering happy, healthier customers

An established track record in distributing the products of leading manufacturers and brands
Our company acts as a collaborator for manufacturers or agents, develops an outline of the sampling case, and directs the day-to-day sampling operations.

Experience of
operating 350 shops

Proven design and implementation of shop operation based on the solid experience that only our company can offer
We support everything before and after the sampling implementation based on our shop operation experience. Our sampling service has been well received by customers as a kinder and more polite service than that of any other sampling agents.

A variety of health
and beauty routes

Setting targets in a detailed manner, such as by region, gender, or age
In close collaboration with salons with customer data, we narrow down targets and distribute your products to the exact target group.


Kao Corporation
Tie-up courses

Shiseido Company
Specialized course
Touch & Try

Meiji Co., Ltd.
Amino Collagen
Staff allocation

Panasonic Corporation
Staff allocation

Macrobiotic biscuits

No Shampoo


Hand delivery sampling
with comments

Shop staff (therapists) first actually use your products, and then hand-deliver them with comments to customers.

From JPY 56 per item

Installation-type Sampling

We place existing products in shops and encourage customers to pick them up for consideration and purchase them.

From JPY 30,000 per item

Questionnaire at shops

We conduct a questionnaire to shop visitors and get their answers.

Each case to be discussed

Touch & Try
(installation of products)

We put your products in shops and let customers try them.

From JPY 40,000 per shop

Tie-up Plan

We implement tie-up programs by combining our shop space or original courses of each shop with your products.

From JPY 70,000 per shop

Staff allocation

We implement promotions by using our therapists or instructors as your product ambassadors.

From JPY 100,000 per person

Introduction of Affiliated Shops

Relaxation Studio
(refrigerated sampling service available)

Hot Spring Facilities and Spa
(refrigerated sampling service available)

Yoga Studio

Fitness Club

Dark Fitness Club

Circuit Fitness

Hair Salon

Beauty Salon & Nail Salon


  • Step1
    Consultation on the implementation of sampling
  • Step2
    (items to be distributed, advertising
    materials, details of sampling, timing)
  • Step3
    Finalization of the case (An application should be submitted 30 days before implementation)
  • Step4
    Determination of shops
  • Step5
    Delivery of products
  • Step6
    Starting a promotion
  • Step7
    Submission of
    a completion report
  • Step8
    Payment of fees