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Healthcare and life science fields are huge industries area worthy of the challenges we face in the 21st century. Already in many areas such as IT and finance, movement of people, knowhow and logistics have become borderless.

However, in the healthcare field, two obstacles stand in the way of achieving borderlessness.

One is an obstacle of “Borders”.
This is a problem that is causing disparities in medical care around the world due to differences in licensing systems in each country. For example, the advanced medicine approved in the U.S. takes a long time to be approved in Japan and many other countries, resulting in a time lag of several years. This is a multilateral problem that impacts many medical industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and transplantation medicine, etc.

The other is an obstacle of “Prevention”.
Services related to health promotion and disease prevention, such as fitness, relaxation, medication, and dietary therapy, etc. are underemphasized relative to medical care.
There is no deep consideration of what lifestyle habits have preventive effects from a medical perspective.

Thus, the healthcare field is still an undeveloped area, but many people are not aware of the problem.

The need to "stay healthy for a lifetime" is common to all human beings across all races, generations, genders, religions and ideologies in the world.
The future that MEDIROM is carving out is a new world of free and equal healthcare.

MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.
Founder & CEO Kouji Eguchi


〜Healthcare General Trading Company〜


Our vision since MEDIROM’s founding is to be a healthcare general trading company that can provide comprehensive services from prevention to treatment, such that provides the best combination of healthcare methods, products, and services to fit the user's lifestyle.

We now live in a world where our health depends on our own awareness and actions. From good sleeping habits, to dietary control – sugar restriction, low carbohydrates and fasting – to exercise and medication, we are inundated with different methods for improving health and wellness.

To solve this problem, in addition to relaxation services for health promotion, we have

continued to take on various challenges such as providing specific health guidance through on-demand training app and developing a non-rechargeable smart tracker.
In the future, we will expand our business domain to include lifestyle-related services, aiming to become a company that provides the best health services to people around the world. 

The global market for health care services reached a value of approximately $7,102.7 billion in 2019 and, it is expected to recover and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2021 and reach $9725.4 billion in 2023(*1). That is why we will realize our goal, a healthcare general trading company.



〜Realization of a Society full of Love and Compassion〜

The healthcare field is aimed at leading people to better health, with “health” being defined (according to the WHO) as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being"(*1). We strive to develop loving, compassionate and engaging people to enhance all around health.

MEDIROM defines “love” as taking an interest in the people are you in life, just as you would in a family member or a significant other, and “compassion” as Dedication to care and concern for others, putting yourself in their shoes.

Such attractive people with love and compassion are valuable to each other because they build respectful and esteemed relationships with the people in front of them.

The inner feeling of ”wanting“ to do something will keep the action going and eventually it becomes a habit, whereas the outward feeling of “having to=must” do something ends up being a temporary effect.

For example, if you’re forced to stop drinking or smoking without any internal motivation (truly wanting it), then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to abstain over the long term.

Our main brand, Re.Ra.Ku, has achieved the largest number of stores in Tokyo for a single brand of relaxation salon since the end of August 2015. This is because we offer our clients the value of a trusting and kind therapist who helps support their health goals and lifestyle, and who also can give them hands on treatment. Therefore, we develop attractive human resources through our services, based on the philosophy of that Realization of a Society full of Love and Compassion.

We would like to continue to support a healthy lifestyle for society fostering closeness and compassion among people.

(*1) https://www.who.int/about/who-we-are/frequently-asked-questions
(*2) Survey by Association of Japan Relaxation Industry, as of the end of July 2015