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Let’s create value and grow a healthcare company with us!

MEDIROM is a venture company that is providing next-generation holistic care.
Our business segments span across:
Bodywork - owner and operator of Re.Ra.Ku salons, consistently recognized for providing industry leading quality and customer experience excellence.
Digital Preventative Healthcare – operator of Japan’s largest sampling platform (Real Media), distributor of MOTHER Tracker™ smart bands, and innovation platform for healthcare providers, digital healthcare media and health consulting business.

As we have conquered being one of the leading relaxation brands in Japan, we look to advance our preventative healthcare businesses to further align physical-digital health solutions and improve health and happiness for all. We are looking for talent to spearhead our businesses and propel MEDIROM further in its goals of becoming a global “healthcare trading company”.

Let’s grow our existing and develop new business together!

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What do you think is waiting after the end of the never-ending desire of economic growth due to the capitalism?
Social disparity between the few wealthy people and the vast majority of the poor only widens.

Our nation has enteredinto an era of population decline.
Conventional theories of economic growth are no longer valid, and we have to develop industries with new values.
Under such an environment, what should we aim for and how should we live?We can say that it is the beginning of a new era of confusion for everyone.

Venture companies have a mission to create new value.

We, Re.Ra.Ku, aim totransition from a self-interest-and-convenience-driven egocentric society where the economy comes ahead of all else.
One of the resources Japan can boast of is “You”.
Our vision is to polish “You”, a valuable unpolished gemstone, anddevelop an industry that can work actively on the international stage.
Which industry can work actively on the international stage? I would like to identify the important requirements to become such an industry.
1. Must practice Platform Management (infrastructure).
2. Must be universal and never disappear, not depending on trends.
3. There must be demand that crosses the borders of country, nationality and race.
Four industries can satisfy these requirements: material, financial, information communication and biological science.
Among these, the path MEDIROM chose was the biological science.

We have the aim of “innovating society with love”.
To achieve this, it is important to nurture “You” as an attractive talent.
We are sure that this will become a new value of society.

Does it draw your interest?
If so, please contact MEDIROM.
We would like to talk in more detail at company information seminars.
We are looking forward to your contacting us anytime.

President & CEO, Koji Eguchi

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