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In order to become a healthcare general trading company, the most important thing we do is to develop firstly ourselves into "attractive human resources" who can create a society full of love and compassion.

Shortly after the founding of the company, as the number of salons expanded and the number of employees increased rapidly, there was a time when people had different ideas about "attractive human resources" and feelings about service.
So we invited a lecturer from a leading hotel, which at the time was said to be "the best service provider in the world". We were taught that "credos allowed us to level out different backgrounds such as religion, race, gender, etc., and to always provide quality service in the same direction, and we immediately began to create values that we wanted to hold dear.

MEDIROM's credo, which was completed by all employees, including part-time workers, consists of three major minds: "For you mind," "Professional mind," and "Human mind," and contains 14 behavioral guidelines to help us become attractive human resources.

A portable "Credo Card" containing this information and a "Credo Book" containing the meaning of the Credo and examples of actions are distributed to all staff.

Both in the salons and at the headquarters, we have a daily meeting to discuss and share one of the guidelines of Credo. Through sharing, we absorb different ideas and insights and align our values with those of the company as a whole, and by doing so in the morning meeting, we can greet our guests with a uniform in mind as well.

When we are in doubt, the MEDIROM credo gives us a clear answer.

“For you” ‒ Mind

1. I understand and appreciate other’s feelings
2. I act with passion toward those close to me by envisioning a smile on their face.
3. I think about what makes those around me happy.
4. I encourage people with a smile.
5. My team’s goals are my highest priority.

“For you” ‒ Mind“For you” ‒ Mind

Professional Mind

6. My reaction to change is with humility and a positive attitude.
7. I accomplish my tasks quickly and effectively.
8. I take initiatives and act on another‘s behalf.
9. My appearance and my personal surroundings are always neat and well kept.
10. I maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Professional MindProfessional Mind

Human Mind

11. I greet people cheerfully and emphatically.
12. I always show my gratitude when I receive help from others.
13. If I hurt someone I will apologize with humility.
14. I listen to others, accept their point of view, and modestly express my own.

Human MindHuman Mind