Frequently Asked Questions


Questions concerning Franchise Contract

Q1.How long does it take to receive documents?

A.Documents will be delivered by post about 1 week after being requested.

Q2.Are there any seminars on our desired date/ time?

A.We can discuss details in an individual meeting. Please let our Franchise Partner Development Personnel know about your desired date andtime.
Please contact our Franchise Partner Development Personnel ( 81 (0)3 6721 7364) for your desired date and time.

Q3.We are still under consideration, but can we have detailed discussion?

A.If there is no session held on your desired date and time, we can arrange an individual meeting for you.
Please contact us at 81 (0)3 6721 7364 or

Q4.Are there any age restrictions?

A.No, there aren’t. We have employees ranging from their 30’s to their 50’s.

Q5.How much capital do we need?

A.You can start a business with 8 million yen in capital.

Q6.We have no experience in this industry. Can we become a franchise partner?

A.Yes, you can. Ninety percent of our current partners joined this industry without experience. We provide a packaged know-how and support system, as well as owner training, so even the inexperienced can start their business.

Q7.What is the contract period?

A.It is 5 years from the opening.

Q8.How long does it take to open a salon after joining the franchise?

A.2 to 3 months at the earliest.

Q9.Can I open a salon in a rural area?

A.We plan to open salon arounds the Tokyo metropolitan area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama) and do not plan to open in other areas at the current stage. However, some owners running salons live in non-Tokyo metropolitan area.

Q10.What are the differences between Re.Ra.Ku and other salons?

A.Re.Ra.Ku provides Health Management Service using our exclusively developed physical therapy practice.
Re.Ra.Ku’s business is a subscription-based model with repeat customers base, with the concept of building a stress-resilient body by providing constant physical therapy from around the shoulder blades through the entire body. We take various business approaches, regarding salons as real media.

Q11.Can I meet owners running existing salons?

A.Yes, you can. Please contact our Franchise personnel and discuss your request.

Q12.How much space do I need to set a salon?

A.Around 67m2 would be enough to run a salon. The smallest salon is only 26 m2 (equipped with 4 beds).

Questions concerning training and operations

Q1.How should I recruit and train staff?

A.As Re.Ra.Ku provides dedicated training even for the inexperienced, we always have a lot of applicants for part-time positions. For franchise partners with restricted manpower funds, we provide a staff dispatch service.

Q2.Does the owner have to stay in the salon?

A.No, not necessarily do so. There are various ways for him or her to get involved in the business.

Q3.Would it be possible to dispatch a salon manager and staff?

A.Yes, you can. We can dispatch a salon manager for between 3 months up to 6 months. Staff can be dispatched on a daily basis.
For details, please ask us at the individual meeting, etc..

Q4.Can I open several salons from the start?

A.Yes, you can. But it is important to establish a solid management base at your first salon.
The head office recommends a dominant strategy. Running several salons in neighboring areas allows you to share human resources, which also leads to increasing profit.