Act as a partner who helps realize a dream together with you

The highest number of contracts in the industry with two plans to choose
from: an independence plan to become a manager from a therapist,
and a plan to become a dedicated manager.

In the franchise system of MEDIROM, franchise owners can select either of the following two plans: The management plan where owners are dedicated to management, and the management & treatment plan where owners manage the shop while serving customers.
We provide generous support to the opening of shops and subsequent business success, which includes the introduction of properties, the dispatching of treatment staff, and fund-raising.
We have the proven, number one track record in the promising health-related market.

Independence plan just right for you
Two management types

Management Type

Recommended to the following people:

  • - Those who want to start a business as a side job while working as a corporate employee
  • - Those who are considering starting their own business by leveraging an early retirement plan
  • - Companies that are considering entry into a growth market as their second or third core business


  • - It can be done as a side job while working as a corporate employee.
  • - When introducing this business as a company’s new business, the preparation time can be shortened.
  • - The speed of opening more than one shop can be accelerated.


  • - Shop information needs to be obtained on a daily basis and collaboration should be built with the shop staff.
  • - Time that can be spent for shop management is limited.

Management & Treatment Type

Recommended to the following people:

  • - Those who want to acquire professional skills
  • - Those who are good at management and have good physical strength
  • - Those who want to acquire job skills and work in this industry for a long time


  • - You can take the leadership in creating a shop together with shop staff.
  • - You can implement managerial efforts that readily reflect the staff’s opinions.
  • - After things have settled down, you can appoint a shop chief and shift to a management role.


  • - You have to take care of both management and store operation all by yourself.

Introduction cost

Opening expenses

Initial franchise fee

3 million yen

Franchise security deposit

0.5 million yen

  • * Contract period: 5 years, Contract renewal fee: 500,000 yen
  • * Other opening expenses include the cost of equipment, interior construction costs, fixtures and fittings costs, and promotion costs.

Monthly expenses


8% of sales

  • * When opening two shops, 7% of sales for each store