“Bring health closer to you.”

“Bring health closer to you.”

MEDIROM believes that it' s not just technology that makes people healthy, it's also caring mind.
Family, friends, and colleagues - Caring for each other is essential for good health.

Having someone to watch over us and notice when changes occur helps make us all more health conscious and better tuned in to our daily activities.

That's why MEDIROM Tracker (R) has created a tracker that you would not only buy for yourself, but also want to give as a gift to someone you care about.

MOTHER supports your actions to think of your special someone.
MOTHER is a tracker that watches over the health of you and your loved ones.

MOTHER makes world healthier in three ways
〜 For you 〜
No need to attach/detach, making health management stress-free.
MOTHER does not need to be attached or detached.
No more stressing about recharging when the battery runs out, it never does.
〜 For partner 〜
Making health more accessible through mutual awareness of changes.
People's behavior changes in a positive direction when they feel motivated.
Thinking of someone you care about is one of the keys to generate such feeling.
〜 For society 〜
Feeling compassion to make everyone healthier
Thinking of the people in your life raises your awareness of the need to “stay healthy”.
MOTHER brings makes everyone healthier with Love and Compassion.

The world as depicted by MOTHER

Enjoy a healthy life with the one you love

MOTHER Features

 No need to charge 24/7
Temperature difference power generation technology powered through body heat
= Using the Seebeck effect.

Measuring activity, sleep, and calories burned without stopping 24/7 without the need for recharging.
 SDK Distribution
A Software Development Kit (SDK) is distributed so that MOTHER data can be used in other applications.
Customizing MOTHER data to fit the application enables developers to make healthcare data more versatile and use it in a variety of situations.