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  • MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. and Artra Group Corporation form a business alliance relationship



MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. and Artra Group Corporation form a business alliance relationship

MEDIROM to facilitate  development of Artra Group's own application using MOTHER Bracelet®︎, a smart tracker that does not require recharging, to enhance services at orthopedic and acupuncture clinics operated by Artra Group, aiming for 10,000 users.

MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq CM: MRM), a holistic healthtech Company based in Japan (hereinafter the “Company”), and Artra Group Corporation, a provider of support services for osteopathic clinics and acupuncture clinics, have agreed on forming a business alliance to introduce MOTHER Bracelet®︎, a smart tracker developed by the Company that does not require recharging, into their clinics providing orthopedic, acupuncture and massage-related services (hereinafter "treatment centers").

The business is first projected to start in June 2023 at HONETSUGI Osteopathic Clinics operated by Artra Group, with the aim to serve 10,000 clients of the  treatment centers which are A-COM members.

Through the business alliance, the Company will provide an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the development of Artra Group's own application.

The  application offers services such as customized treatment proposals, visualization of treatment results and progress, and scheduling  revisits based on the user’s health metrics obtained from MOTHER Bracelet®︎, . In addition, Artra Group will be also selling MOTHER Bracelet®︎ as a distributor to the clients at its clinics.

MOTHER Bracelet®︎ is a smart tracker equipped with the patented cutting-edge "Thermal Power Generation" technology by Matrix Industries, Inc. of Silicon Valley, USA. MOTHER Bracelet®︎ is the world's only smart tracker that can measure basic types of healthcare data, including the number of steps (distance), sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and body temperature, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without recharging. Since recharging is not required, there is no downtime and data loss.

The prospects of orthopedic and acupuncture clinics with the MOTHER Bracelet 

There is a difficulty making an objective evaluation of the patient's recovery after treatment, as it depends largely on the patient's own subjective opinion. If objective facts are shared with patients, such as "increase of the deep sleep ratio" using the smart tracker data, patients' satisfaction and trust are likely to increase, leading to better health outcomes and willingness for repeat visits and demand for health services on a long-term basis. Since MOTHER Bracelet®︎ allows open sharing of the user’s health data, including heart rate, activity level, body surface temperature, and etc, it enables treatment centers to understand better the health status of their patients, leading to more accurate and customized treatment and guidance. We are aiming to promote users’ health with this cutting-edge technology.

■About the MOTHER Bracelet®︎, a smart tracker that does not require recharging

MOTHER Bracelet® is the first in the world* self-powered smart tracker that does not require recharging. The state of the art power generation technology from Silicon Valley, U.S.A., is installed within MOTHER Bracelet®︎ to power it from the temperature difference between skin surface temperature and outside air. Due to being recharge-free, MOTHER Bracelet®︎ eliminates data loss happening when a device is taken off for recharging. Five basic types of health data (steps, quality of sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and body temperature) can be recorded with this single device.

*Intellectual Property Rights given to the Smart Tracker utilizing the Seebeck effect, identified by WPO, PATENTSCOPE, Science and Technology Center, J-GLOBAL, J-PlatPat. (as of July 3, 2021, ESP Trending Future Research)

About Artra Group Corporation

Artra Group operates a nationwide chain of HONETSUGI brand osteopathic and acupuncture clinics with the aim of realizing the corporate philosophy “Our mission is to make people around the world healthy".

Atra Group provides operational support services to osteopathic, acupuncture and other clinics nationwide, including “A-COM”, which provides the in-hospital management system, "Atra Billing Service", which supports medical care fee billing services, "Honey-Style," a communication app that connects patients and customers within clinics, and "Artra Store", a website of clinical supplies, hygiene materials, equipment, and etc. 

In the field of nursing care, Atra Group is providing a so-called “HONETSUGI Day Service”, where certified judo practitioners and acupuncturists use their professional knowledge and skills for promoting and supporting the users’ health.

With the experience of directly operating osteopathic and acupuncture treatment centers by several subsidiaries, mainly via providing operational support for actual stores and clinics, Artra Group has established an integrated support system for this area of healthcare businesses, and further aims to expand its business domain to all healthcare areas.
Artra Group Corporation's overview

Company Name: Artra Group Corporation

Listed Market: JASDAQ (Code No. 6029)

Head office: 4-6-9 Tachiurihori, Nishi-ku, Osaka

CEO/Founder: Hiroyuki Kyuse

Establishment: January 2005

Capital: 727,347 thousand yen

Business Area: Osteopathic and Acupuncture Clinics Management and Support Business

URL : https://www.artra-group.co.jp/ 

 About MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc. 

MEDIROM, a holistic healthcare company, operates 312 (as of January 31, 2023) relaxation salons across Japan, with its leading brand called Re.Ra.Ku®. In 2015, MEDIROM entered the health tech business and launched several healthcare programs using an on-demand training app called Lav®, which is developed by the Company. MEDIROM also entered the health tech device business in 2020 with their smart tracker called MOTHER Bracelet®. The Company hopes that these diverse health related services and products will help it collect and manage healthcare data from users and customers around the world and enable it to become a leader in big data in the healthcare industry.

For more information, visit: https://medirom.co.jp/en

MEDIROM's overview

Company Name: MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.

Listed Market: NASDAQ

Ticker symbol: MRM

Head office: Tradepia Odaiba, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

CEO/Founder: Kouji Eguchi

Establishment: July 2000

Capital: 2,559.27 million yen (Japanese GAAP)

Business Area: Therapeutic Massage Salon Management, Related Franchise Business, Digital Health Business, Device Business

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