Specific Health

Integrated health management service that radically changes behaviors, mindsets, and health outcomes




A guiding coach helps
keep you going...

LAV focuses on the human touch - all messages are relayed by people - not a cold, unfeeling AI
For it is only people that can appreciate the meaning behind words, the nuance of situations,and the empathy needed to help improve health and well being of clients
Feeling connected and supported by a live coach improves motivation
and adherence to the program

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Personal Training x Matching App

An app that connects you with a coach who will guide you on

your holsitic health journey: improve mind, body, and spirit through a data rich engaged platform (LAV) that monitors your daily meal,exercise, and sleeping patterns.
Become closer to your actualized self through face-to-face coaching

Seamless tracking of your lifestyle and
key factors that impact your well being.

Meals are recorded through photos...
...While exercise and sleep are automatically logged through our patented wearable activity tracker
Avoid the motony, hassle, and time drain of having to track manually!
The app saves userstime and trouble and makes it easy for them to continue the program.

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Specific health guidance

Specific health guidanceSpecific health guidance

Improving the rate of implementation and that of persistence by leveraging ICT

4Specific health guidance is given to all insured persons and non-working dependents aged 40 to 74
MEDIROM provides easy-to-continue specific health guidance that imposes little burden on targets via remote support that leverages remoteweb interviews and the app’s chat function.

Have you had the following problems related to specific heath guidance?

  • Case 1I cannot even set up an interview with the target
    (due to his/her working hours and health consciousness).
  • Case 2The program has fallen into a rut.
  • Case 3The same persons receive guidance every year (rebound).

MEDIROM offers a mechanism to improve the implementation, improvement,
and drop-out rates of conventional specific health guidance.

Four characteristics of MEDIROM
specific health guidance
that focuses on the delivery of results

It can be readily started
since it uses a remote web interview.

It can be readily startedsince it uses a remote web interview.

- Place of interview: Anywhere is OK
- Adjustment of schedule: Online application
* Upon request, a face-to-face interview can be held in the company where the target works.

It can be continued because of
its high convenience.

It can be continued because ofits high convenience.

- The app makes it easy to keep a record!
- Communication can be achieved anytime, anyplace by using the chat function.

Our generous continuous
support ensures good results.

Our generous continuoussupport ensures good results.

We build trusted relationships with users by increasing the frequency of support.
Such relationships enable more personalized support.

Inspiring communication

Inspiring communication

Communication that encourages customers to change their behavior has been realized by adopting a method that anyone can use while leveraging our skills to serve customers that have been accumulated over the 20 years since the company’sinception.

Number of chat supports


What’s MEDIROM’s lifestyle guidance?


MEDIROM’s specific health guidance meets the new third-term Specific Health Guidance (MHLW).*

*Excerpts from “About Specific Health Checkups and Specific Health Guidance from the third term”.

  • 3-month
    continued support
  • Application
    (ICT) utilization
  • - The performance evaluation of the Specific Health Guidance may be initiated after three months.
  • - Eliminated the requirement that the first-time interview and performance evaluation must be conducted by the same organization.
  • - Introduced a new scheme to implement a guidance model that provides flexible operations to those who are the subject of active support.
  • - Eliminated the requirement to submit prior notification when using communication technology for the first-time interview (conducting a remote interview).
    * More introductions of first-time interviews using videophone or tabletis encouraged.
  • 3-month
    continued support
  • Application
    (ICT) utilization

Programs that both healthcare service personnel and those who are subjects
of Specific Health Guidance can effortlessly introduce

Support for
healthcare service personnel

No need to arrange a schedule for
the first-time interview

Applying via Lav allows us to arrange the schedule.

No need to prepare invitations
to those who are the subjects

MEDIROM will create them for you

No need to make solicitation calls

MEDIROM will make them for you

Support for those who are
the subject of Health Guidance

Online remote interview

Even those who are busy with work can also casually have
an interview.

Physical therapy
complimentary tickets are provided

MEDIROM provides complimentary tickets from Relaxation
Studio Re.Ra.Ku to those who are the subjects

Twice a week chat support via the application

The program is carried out by the coach and user closely
working together

Specific Health Guidance coupled with a relaxation salon service is available

Specific Health Guidance coupled with a relaxation salon service is available

use cases

  • Measure to improve
    the completion
    rates for Specified Health Guidance by insured persons’ dependents
  • Measure to improve appropriate use of
    judo therapy medical expenses


For businesses which aim to be recognized as White 500, being accredited as an Excellent Health Management Corporation and improving employees’ performance
We provide internalmedicine-driven diet programs which help users first change their physical constitution by improving their lifestyles.

Physical constitution improvement program

Physical constitution improvement programPhysical constitution improvement program

“To improve obesity and prevent lifestyle-related diseases
and maintain and enhance health”

For businesses which aim to be recognized as White 500, being accredited as an Excellent Health Management Corporation and improving employees’ performance
We provide internal medicine-driven diet programs which help users firstchange their physical constitution by improving their lifestyles.

Implementation steps

  • Seminar
  • Program
  • Mid-term seminar
  • Program
  • Results report

To maximize the effect of the program, we hold a seminar before starting it, gathering participants.
We encourage users to change their habits, providing guidance via chat for 60 days (twice a day).
The program results aresummarized in a report and submitted to the person in charge.

Example of project-implementing companies

Example of project-implementing companiesExample of project-implementing companies

Questionnaires about dietary,
exercise and sleep habits

Questionnaires about dietary, exercise and sleep habitsQuestionnaires about dietary, exercise and sleep habits

Eighty percent or more of participants have moved
on to the Implementation/ Habituation phases.

Interview with the person in charge

Q.What was your issue before implementing the program?

A.The rates of employees with abnormal findings and abnormal BMIresults had remained high. While the workforce is expected to shrink, if the number of employees with health concerns continued to increase, the impact will become broader; it will lead to not just an increase of health insuranceexpenses but also low productivity. To address these issues, we were exploring a new initiative that can be added to our existing program.

Q.What made you decide to implement our program?

A.The ultimate decision factor was that MEDIROM is a convenientprogram that even shift workers can participate in because it uses a smartphone application.
We thought if we could provide effective health guidance to employees through the program, we would be able to not only preventlifestyle-related diseases but also improve our corporate value, including productivity and employees’ satisfaction.

Q.What do you think of the results of implementing the program?

A.Participants were appreciative because of both the effective resultsand the company being actively involved in employees’ health.

Q.What is your vision for healthcare service?

A.We would like 300 employees to participate in the program annuallyand reduce the number and rate of employees with abnormal BMI results by 600 people, to 25% or lower in 5 years.
Also, we would like to develop “employees with high health literacy”, thereby encouraging them to maintain andenhance their health by increasing their interest in health, and establish a wellness culture in the company.

Voices from participants

Employee A

I struggled to get used to the new dietary habits butwas able to go through the program without a need for excessive diet restriction because the program is carried out based on the theme of health.
“Visualization of changes in myself” through the application improved my motivation. In order to work for a long-term career, I believe we have to consciously start building a healthy body when we are still healthy. I think it is essential for workers specifically on the manufacturing side to reduce their workburden and build a healthy body to cope with aging.

Employee B

It was good to be able to make a habit of healthyliving by carrying out the program as a set, based on the trainer’s advice on the correct way to think of dietary and exercise habits and regular habits to improve metabolism, to achieve them and manage my progress.
Losing 6kilograms, I think I look different around my waist, shoulders and facial contour. I think from the company’s viewpoint, efforts to nurture “employees with high health literacy” will be connected, and will act as the basis of our goal“to build a strong business structure”.



“Make yourself beautiful from the inside”

By avoiding the intake of a solid meal for a certain period of time, you can rest your digestive system. This will then allow your strained autonomic nervous system to recover from toxicity due to the regular intake of unhealthyingredients such as food additives, active oxygen and excessive amount of sugar. Regularlly controlled fasting will have an effect not just on beauty and weight loss, but will also make your body healthy.



Akira Aoki

Supervising doctor
Akira Aoki

- Former associate professor of the Department of Aging Control Medicine, Juntendo University School of Medicine
- Executive Director of Japanese Society of Medical Health Science
- Fellow of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
- CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.