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Advancing Emergency Autonomous Driving through Driver Health Monitoring:

Partnership Agreement with HW ELECTRO Inc. - Enhancing Drivers Safety and Addressing Traffic Challenges.

Tokyo-based MEDIROM Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kouji Eguchi; NASDAQ: MRM, USA; hereafter, MEDIROM), a holistic healthcare company, and its subsidiary MEDIROM MOTHER Labs (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshio Uekusa; hereafter, MOTHER Labs) have signed a business partnership agreement with HW ELECTRO Co., Ltd., Japan's pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer. This partnership seeks to leverage MEDIROM MOTHER Labs' recharge-free smart tracker MOTHER Bracelet®︎ (hereafter, MOTHER) to integrate driver’s health data, enabling the vehicle's system to automatically detect sudden health issues and switch to autonomous driving mode in case of health emergencies.

■Collaboration Background
 HW ELECTRO has developed the 'ELEMO' series, a versatile compact electric commercial vehicle line, and, concurrently, introduced their proprietary connected service platform 'HW ELECTRO Platform Service' this spring. The platform links vehicles and the internet to create a high-convenience DX environment, addressing disaster measures and delivery optimization.
Furthermore, as part of addressing societal challenges such as traffic accidents, a business partnership agreement with MOTHER Labs was established. The collaboration involves co-developing an emergency autonomous driving system through drivers’ health monitoring.

■Enabling Health Data Based Emergency Autonomous Driving Switch
 Recent issues like aging drivers and driver shortages causing excessive workloads have highlighted accidents due to sleep deprivation and health-related causes. HW ELECTRO's ELEMO compact electric commercial vehicle and the recharge-free MOTHER smart tracker collaborate to address these issues.
 Their objective is to create an autonomous driving system by utilizing drivers' vital data to prevent accidents stemming from sudden health changes or emergencies while driving.

■Visualizing Driver's Vitals Data

 In the short term, HW ELECTRO plans to equip their electric commercial vehicles 'ELEMO' with the MOTHER Gateway to automatically sync and collect data from the MOTHER smart tracker. This integration will simplify monitoring of the driver’s vitals data during work hours.
 Vitals data measured by MOTHER will be displayed on the 'HW ELECTRO Platform Service,' allowing operators to access real-time health data alongside operational information. This aims to create an environment where businesses can simultaneously review health and operational data.

※Vitals data from MOTHER will be soon available on the mobile app 'MyHWE,' which is part of the recently launched 'HW ELECTRO Platform Service' as of June 2023

■The MOTHER Bracelet®, Recharge-Free Smart Tracker
 MOTHER Bracelet®︎ is the world's first* 24/7 recharge-free smart tracker, powered by advanced technology from a Silicon Valley-based tech business that generates electricity from the temperature difference between the body and the surrounding air. As it doesn't require recharging, it eliminates the data loss that can occur when a device is taken off for charging. This single device can record five fundamental health metrics: steps, sleep quality, calories burned, heart rate, and body temperature.

▪️ Official Website: https://mother-bracelet.com

※WPO, PATENTSCOPE, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, J-GLOBAL, and J-PlatPat have confirmed intellectual property related to recharge-free activity tracker utilizing the Seebeck effect (as of July 3, 2021, based on ESP Research)

■The ELEMO Series
 'ELEMO' is HW ELECTRO's cutting-edge, multi-purpose EV commercial vehicle tailored for the Japanese market. Integrating IT technologies like the PlatForm Service and boasting zero-emission EV performance, it takes a stride towards a 100% electric vehicle future. The 'ELEMO' Series prioritizes efficiency and durability through modular component design, offering versatile cargo component options. The urban 'ELEMO' lineup now includes 'ELEMO-L,' a 5.5m medium-sized van with a 1.25-ton payload and a 200km single-charge range (internal test data). This adaptable ELEMO lineup meets diverse needs of various businesses.

Top Image: Front 'ELEMO,' Back 'ELEMO-K';
Lower image: 'ELEMO-L'

■About HW ELECTRO Co., Ltd.

HW ELECTRO is a fabless manufacturer focusing on the development, production, and sale of the 'ELEMO' Series, a next-generation versatile commercial EV line, under the concept 'The Essential Piece of Mobility.' Addressing environmental and societal concerns, HW ELECTRO was first to obtain Japan's first small EV commercial vehicle import license in April 2021. Sales began for 'ELEMO' on July 24 and 'ELEMO-K' on November 20 the same year. The medium-sized van 'ELEMO-L' is set to launch in fall 2023.

・Company Overview
Company Name: HW ELECTRO Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: SOHO Bldg, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO/Founder: Xiao Weicheng
Establishment: May 2019
Business Area: Manufacturing and sales of versatile compact commercial EV vehicles 'ELEMO'

About MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.

MEDIROM focuses on health management, primarily operating Re.Ra.Ku®︎ therapeutic massage studios. Their services include the 'Specific Health Guidance Program' accessed via their proprietary health care app, Lav®. In 2020, MEDIROM ventured into the health tech device industry, introducing the 'MOTHER Bracelet®︎,' an activity tracker that continually collects health data without requiring recharging. Looking ahead, MEDIROM aims to leverage this accumulated data for analysis and expansion.

・Company Overview
Company Name: MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc.
Listed Market: NASDAQ
Ticker Symbol: MRM
Headquarters: Tradepia Odaiba, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
CEO/Founder: Kouji Eguchi
Establishment: July 2000


MEDIROM MOTHER Labs, a subsidiary within the MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies Inc., primarily focuses on the health tech sector. Their core activities involve providing 'Specific Health Guidance Program' through the Lav®︎ health care app and development and distribution of the 24/7 recharge-free MOTHER Bracelet®︎ smart tracker. The tracker’s popularity raised a record-breaking 56.1 million yen on a crowdfunding platform ‘Makuake.’ Leveraging MOTHER recharging-free features, the company offers customizable health management solutions across diverse sectors, spanning caregiving, logistics, and transportation.

・Company Overview
Company Name: MEDIROM MOTHER Labs Inc.
Headquarters: Tradepia Odaiba, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Kouji Eguchi, Yoshio Uekusa
Establishment: July 2023
Business Area: Health Tech Business / Device Business / Software Services

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