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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.On what stock exchange are MEDIROM ADSs traded, and what is the ticker symbol?

A.The Joint shares trade on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker MRM.

Q2.When was MEDIROM's initial public offering?

A.MEDIROM completed its initial public offering on December 29, 2020. The IPO price was $15.00 per ADR.

Q3.Where is MEDIROM's headquarters?

A.MEDIROM is headquartered at 16F Tradepia Odaiba, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0091.

Q4.How do I transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account?

A.The Bank of New York Mellon is available to assist ADR holders with changes of address and transfers of ADR into another name etc. They can be reached at the following:
240 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10286, U.S.A.
Tel: 1-201-680-6825
U.S. Toll Free: 888-269-2377 (888-BNY-ADRS)

Q5.When does MEDIROM's fiscal year end?

A.MEDIROM's fiscal year ends December 31st.

Q6.Who are the company's independent registered public accountants?

A.MEDIROM's financial statements are audited byTAAD LLP.

Q7.Does MEDIROM pay dividends?

A.MEDIROM currently does not pay any cash or other dividends on its common stock.

Q8.Where can I find all of MEDIROM's SEC filings?

A.Our SEC filings, can be accessed on the Financial Info section of ourInvestor Relationswebsite or directly from the SEC atwww.sec.gov.

Q9.Where can I get MEDIROM's latest corporate news releases?

A.Corporate news releases can be accessed in ourInvestor Relationswebsite.

Q10.Where can I find out more about MEDIROM?

A.Please visit theCorporate Informationpage on MEDIROM's corporate website.

Q11.How do I contact Investor Relations with a question or request?

A.To contact MEDIROM Investor Relations, please select a subject as "Investor Relations" at contact page and send it.