Our relaxation salons invigorate people's health and wellbeing

MEDIROM Group's salons aim to provide a holistic health management
service that ensures a fatigue-free body and clear mind for life.
We support long term well being,
not just a short term, one-shot happiness patch.

MEDIROM Group's procedure involves a careful therpautic stretch that impvoves muscle tone, resiliency, and quality while also expanding the range of motion of joints and the fluidity of surrounding ligaments, tendons, and tissue.
Our therapists (care life planners) are technologically enabled, highly empathetic and genuine service providers who support customers in our salons and after their appointments through day-to-day care health management tailored specifically for each customer.
Re.Ra.Ku - Medirom Group's popular salon brand - has received top-class quality awards with distinctions in faciliaties, therapist talent, contest wins, and broad customer satisfaction. This has further fortified our brand and driven the signficant increase in our store count to further accomodate and improve the well being of our customers.


Stretch beyond massage!

No. 1 relaxation salon by number of stores in the the Kanto area, paritcularly Tokyo.
Re.Ra.Ku services reduce whole body fatigue especially around the tense regions of the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Further specialized stretching (Wing Method) techniques help elongate and ameliorate tension across the back, helping ease pain and improve structural and postural health for the long term.

Re.Ra.Ku official website



In the franchise system of MEDIROM, franchise owners can select either of the following two plans: The management plan where owners are dedicated to management, or the management & treatment plan where owners manage the shop while serving customers.
We provide generous support to the opening of shops and subsequent business success, which includes the introduction of properties, the dispatching of treatment staff, and fund-raising.



Sampling is a direct marketing, store front promotion that leverages retail space and staff to connect customers with product in a highly tactile, resonant way.
Our reliable staff introduce your products and services in the space where customers’ health and beauty consciousness has been heightened.